When Schedules Change

Hello friends.

How are you this Monday?

Over here, we are still adjusting to the new schedule. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but my husband just got a new job (yay!!), and he started last week. It turned our whole schedule upside down.

Our weekend was super busy so it was harder to jump back into the new (ish) routine that we had started last week. Especially for the kids. Every time someone asks me about Josh’s new schedule I say,

“Oh, it’s good. An adjustment”

and Izzy shouts,

“Terrible! We never see him anymore!!”

We were spoiled before. We admit it. I think we are one of the lucky ones….although, with the introduction of stay-at-home jobs and flexible schedules, maybe more people out there had the same kind of deal as us, unbeknownst to me! (Comment below if you are one of those people!)

Our schedule before was:

Josh gets up.

Kids get up.

I get up and join them. Josh is making lunches and the kids are already eating by the time I get down there.

Kids go to school with Josh. Josh comes home and we have a quick coffee together. He goes to work. I workout or head straight to my office to get to work.

I get the kids after school.

Josh comes home and we make supper together while we talk about the day, or Josh shoos me out of the kitchen and I finish up other chores, like laundry. 🙂

We eat around 5pm.

Our schedule now is:

I pack lunches the night before.

Josh gets up before any of us at 6-630am. He eats breakfast and packs his lunch.

I get up and tell the kids it is time to get dressed.

Josh goes to work.

The kids and I eat breakfast and I take them to school.

I come home and have a quick coffee before my workout. I workout and get to work on the blog or research.

I get the kids from school. Once home, they eat a snack and I finish up any odds and ends.

I make supper and we eat around 6pm.


Our new schedule is a more traditional schedule and probably what the majority of Canada has been doing forever. It’s an adjustment for us though! Fortunately, I am adaptable to different schedules since, when I was working outside of the house, I worked shift work and sometimes up to 4 jobs at a time to make ends meet. (#humblebrag). I keep in mind that if I survived that, I can survive any schedule.

The kids, however, are less adaptable. They have always thrived on a strict schedule. In fact, when Izzy was around 3-4 yrs old, she asked me if I would print her out a daily schedule with pictures so she knew how the morning and day would go, bless her tiny organized heart. I constantly have to tell them three steps ahead of time. If they don’t know what is coming up next, they panic a little, and I get a lot of questions and attitude from them-especially Izzy. They do not thrive on “We’ll see” when it comes to a routine. So, for the kids mostly, this new schedule has thrown them for a loop and has been really hard on them….which means they have been really hard on me. They criticize what I do constantly and I often hear, “That’s not how dad would do it!” I grin and bear it, knowing that it is just their stress talking and it will pass….eventually.


How do your kids deal with change?

How do you handle it? 


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