Izzy Heals A Head Wound Which Motivates me to Workout Again

I kicked it back in gear this week and started getting up for my morning workout routine, after I stopped. It felt like starting over again! It is the first week I have given it my all since we went on vacation in March. It was tiring and hard to get up but in the end I was happy that I tried to get back on track…mostly successfully.

Friday is usually my strongest workout once the week has created momentum. But this morning I had other duties. Yesterday Izzy hit her head on a metal playground platform when she tried to jump and grab a bar above some equipment. She gashed it really good, but not deep enough to need stitches, thank goodness. The walk-in doctor was able to mostly seal it shut with glue. She spent a quiet night working on a new sticker book and taking Tylenol to cut down on the pain.

Head wounds cause a LOT of blood – a LOT. That one inch cut a quarter inch wide didn’t clot until bedtime. We kept a scarf and pad on it to absorb the blood until then and she was able to sleep on her side.

This morning I sat Izzy in the bathtub and washed out the blood by spraying diluted hydrogen peroxide in to my hands and rubbing it in to the ends of her hair, avoiding the wound. Washing blood out of hair is super difficult and definitely not what I pictured when I signed up to be a mom! Who knew this would be involved??

Izzy is much better today. I gave her a dose of Tylenol in school and she seemed in good spirits but she will be tired tonight. I’ve been on concussion watch since it happened, but she seems okay.

I was happy to skip my workout to help her out. What a kid!

My motivation for fitness should continue and these famous fitties inspire me to keep going. Please check out their websites if you feel your interest waning…..

  1. Tara Stiles: http://tarastiles.com/
  2. Kathy Smith: https://www.kathysmith.com/
  3. https://alexajeanfitness.squarespace.com/

Have a good weekend everyone!




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