October- No Longer A Depressing Month

I used to dread October. I saw it as the end of everything. October seemed like September’s dirge song. (Is dirge song a repetitive statement?)

On top of that, I was always broke in October, so the planning for Halloween festivities depressed me. Every twenty year old knows that Halloween costumes aren’t free, and going out that night is going to cost you at least $100. Depressing. I was never big on Halloween anyway. I never got excited about planning a costume. My father did. Oh man, he would orchestrate the most elaborate costumes and try to get me excited about them. Once, he hand bent and welded a crown made of metal and wires. It was GORGEOUS. Also, heavy. And uncomfortable. But beautiful. That excitement of the holiday never really manifested in me though. When I graduated I didn’t feel any compulsion to plan ahead for Halloween. Halloween was just in the way of Christmas (my favourite!) and the last of the falling autumn leaves just made me sad.

In October of 2007, everything changed for me. I was invited to three Halloween parties in my new city and autumn was gorgeous that year. I felt hopeful rather than depressed. It took a lot of convincing for me to actually attend any of the Halloween parties but I actually went to two. The second of the parties I attended was at a pub, where we went at the last minute. It was there that I met my husband because he had chosen to dress as one of my favourite journalists of all time, Hunter S. Thompson. Of course I had to congratulate him on such an amazing costume. His decision to be at the pub was also last minute. Neither of us was supposed to be there. We could not stop talking. A chemical or intuitive connection was immediate. From then on we were inseparable.


The exact day we met is tattooed on our wrists because it completely changed the course of our lives. (Sickeningly cute, I know. Groan or insert Awww here). I no longer see October as the beginning of winter. I see possibility and the last beauty of my favourite season. October makes me so excited now. It is the best of autumn, the month I met my love, and it usually has the best weather. That crisp smell fills the air, leaves crunch under your feet and you can wear all of your favourite cozy sweaters.

Excuse me, I have to go put on some fuzzy socks and curl up with some apple cider and a favourite book.


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