School Time!

My kids go back to school tomorrow.


It’s insane how quickly the summer went by, but I guess that is what happens when you are on different road trips for 3/4 of it. I may have been a bit ambitious planning THREE different long distance trips in two months. Between the trips we had just enough time to unpack, do the laundry and pack up again.

Something else I made a mistake doing was planning their last trip at the END of August. We don’t have enough time to get them back in to routine for school. Their sleep schedules are a mess and both my son and my daughter rely heavily on strict schedules. Soooooo… their first month of school might be a disaster. We shall see. Next year, the cut off for trips will have to be early August but we will fly by the seat of our pretty pants this year.

I thought both of my kids were excited for school, but they have finally told me that they are extremely nervous. Before they blatantly told me,  I did some mom sneakiness and eaves-dropped on several of their role-playing games together. Either all of their toys are nervous about meeting new teachers and walking in to new classrooms, or my kids are. Haha!

I am trying to minimize their fear with lots of “Go Team!” type talks and even more hugs. I am sure it will go fine- it’s just that initial walking in to the new classroom that is terrifying. I remember that feeling. I would feel all cold and itchy and I was sure everyone was staring at me and judging everything about me, down to my choice of sock colour. But as soon as I would see a familiar face that feeling melted away and I would be fine. My kids are pretty amazing so I’m sure my little star beings will rock that first day. Maybe I can make it an excuse for us to all get ice cream together after school cuz I love any excuse to buy ice cream!

I cannot believe the summer is “”over”. Good luck to all the kids out there on their first day of school!

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