Green Tea Vs Coffee


I have been trying something new. I am hopelessly addicted to coffee but I have been trying to cut down, as I have a very sensitive system. Thank goodness for green tea! I have cut down my caffeine consumption to two cups in the morning, and the occasional third cup in the afternoon before 2pm. I try anyway. This past week I have been drinking more coffee than water and -surprise, surprise- my skin is terrible, my stomach upset and I feel irritable. But coffee, I still love you. I just need to quit you in the afternoons.

After 2pm (if I’m smart), I switch to green tea, and it has worked wonders. That mid afternoon lag is no longer horrible! I feel energized but not jittery, I don’t automatically reach for junk food as a pick-me-up,  and my skin clears. I have heard it is good for the metabolism too, which is a great bonus. I also feel like I can think more clearly if I am drinking green tea rather than coffee, and I don’t “crash” after the effects wear off either. So hurray!



I buy my green tea from my local Asian market, but even Superstore has great kinds. I prefer loose leaf green tea from Japan: that may just be because I lived there for a year so it brings back a lot of great memories. Chinese green tea is also amazing. I actually don’t know the differences in grades of tea or quality of the benefits you would get from specific types- you will have to google that for yourself. All I know is that any kind of green tea has been awesome for me and that I love purchasing different brands to test out their taste. I believe it all comes down to personal preference– I feel they all have a similar benefit.

Green tea seems like a “fad” but I believe that once you try it, and acquire a taste for it, you will reap the benefits and be hooked.

My favourite teapot also helps to make my tea extra delicious. It’s the simple things in life, right?

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