Thank you, Doctor Who.

Here is a photo of me with my new Tardis necklace (blurry, too bad), sweaty from the hot day outside and hot C-Train ride home. I always said I wanted something from Doctor Who, but nothing too garish. This was perfect. I bought it, last minute, from Comic Con this time around. It didn’t cost very much but it makes me very happy.Tardis Necklace

I bought the necklace on Sunday, just as Comic Con was shutting down. I wore it all Monday with a smile on my face, thinking that I should watch all of the Doctor Who episodes again. Especially those with David Tennant, since he resembles my husband so much in some episodes that it’s uncanny, even in his character’s gestures or the way he smiles.

Last night, Josh had to run to his dodge ball game. He read a quick bedtime story and kissed the kids good night. I read them a bed time story after he had left and tucked them in. Hunter was first. Once I had him tucked in with his favourite frog toys, Harry Potter Monkey and Sleepy Kitty, I could go say good night to Izzy.

Izzy was just arranging her animals in their ‘homes’ that she sets up for them when I came in. She quickly finished up and I leaned over to tuck her in. My new necklace dangled in front of her and she asked, “Can I read it?”

I nodded that she could and she read, “Po-lee-es Box. Oh. Police Box!”

Her little face scrunched up, puzzled, as she said, “So, what does that have to do with comics or Comic Con?”

So I first explained what a Police Box is and that this one is actually the Tardis. The Tardis, I tried to explain, is a time traveling machine from the show Doctor Who. I’m  not sure machine is the right word but I was trying to keep it at her level. We talked for over ten minutes, but I will condense what we said. I went on.  I told her how The Tardis is bigger on the inside with rooms and any luxury you need,  and that The Doctor, as he is called, can control where they go with the computer inside, even though the Tardis has a mind of its own, in a way. Then they time travel through space and end up wherever they want or are needed. They have adventures and go home, I said- leaving out a few key details.

“Are they scared to do that?” Izzy asked.

And I lied. “No,” I said, “Cuz they can leave whenever they like in The Tardis. The Doctor is in complete control.”

Izzy nodded and said, “He sounds very brave. I bet he is never scared and nothing can beat him.”

To which I replied, “Exactly. Like in your dreams. You are The Doctor of your dreams. Your brain is The Tardis, bigger on the inside, and can take you wherever you want to go. You are in complete control, and can travel anywhere you like or be anything that you like. You could go visit Egypt before the pyramids were built, or to when the Dodo bird still existed..”

“…Like the Wild Kratts did!” Izzy exclaimed, and asked, “Could I go to the time of the dinosaurs in my dreams?” I nodded yes and she said, “Could Doctor Who do that?” and I nodded yes again. (I’ll teach her he’s just ‘The Doctor’ later, don’t want her poor little head to explode with too much new info).

I told her she could go to the time of the dinosaurs in her dreams or BE a dinosaur, or be a dodo bird. She could pretend she is with the Wild Kratts in THEIR time machine and see the dodos or be a part of their team. I explained to her that once I was a fish in my dream and I saw all the other fish, and slept in coral and talked with mermaids. She asked if I was a little fish and when I said yes, asked if I had been afraid of sharks in my dream. I told Izzy that of course I wasn’t afraid; since it was my dream I knew all sharks would ignore me or be friendly to me. If I’m in control I would never put scary sharks in my nice ocean life dream. I told her she could do that too.

I added, “And if things get too scary you could always go to your version of a time machine or Tardis in your dream-  go in to space and find a new place to visit.”

Well, I’ll be damned, but it worked, at least for last night. She left her big lights off, and just used her stars night light. She slept on her own all night and said she had the best dream ever. She was a little frog, she said, and she went wherever she pleased. All the predators ignored her or couldn’t see her; all the animals she did talk to were very friendly.

So, thank you, Doctor Who, for opening up a dialogue that actually helped her situation immensely. I wouldn’t have thought to bring up a time machine metaphor without the necklace, which seems silly that I wouldn’t have now, but I am glad the necklace was there to help me out! <3

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