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For the first time ever, I spent money on an advertised workout. I bought an ab workout off of Instagram with my friend and we are keeping each other motivated to finish the full 30 days. The workout is Sore to the Core by Alexa Jean Fitness.

Shockingly, along with changing my eating habits, it’s working!!

I can’t follow a strict diet. I get panicky and fail or I forget all the rules and fail. I’m too unorganized to count calories, don’t have a food scale to weigh food, and can’t be bothered to shop for meal plans or keep a food diary.

So I picked the simplest life changing health guidelines I could find for food and started to follow them. It is the wonderful Alton Brown’s food rules that he used to lose a ton of weight and featured on his show Good Eats. It’s easy to follow and makes sense to me. Alton Brown has since kept off the weight. Probably because this isn’t a gimmicky fad diet.

Here is the link if you want to see what I am following:

This food plan was even easy to follow for Easter weekend! Am I a glutton for punishment or what? Who starts a new food plan before Easter? This girl, I guess.

I never expect workouts to work quickly for me. I have been following this militantly since March 30th and already seeing progress! I can’t explain how exciting this is. To celebrate I am upping my efforts. Even less sauces, less dairy (mostly cheese cuz I could eat a whole brick in one sitting!), prepping meals and snacks the night before so I am never too busy to eat well, and adding longer workouts around the ab worDSCN0496kout.

Tonight I did a 7 minute workout using an app I downloaded, then 20 minutes of my physio exercise (lots of glutes), and the ab workout which took just over 19 minutes. When I started I didn’t want to do any of it, but I felt so good after!

Hopefully I can keep this up all week, even after super tiring days with my day home kids. 🙂 I also have to add more foam roller therapy and make sure to take my vitamins so I don’t get sick. I am pretty excited to keep this going. My goal is 30 days, and after that I hope it will be a habit or I will have new and more difficult goals in mind to reach.

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