Learning To Read


My daughter is learning to read and is busy reading EVERYTHING. Packages, sign posts, lost posters, books, brand names…she sees, she reads.

little girl reading

Yesterday she asked me what the word ‘bounding’ meant. The snow leopard went bounding through the snow. She wanted to know how to do that too.

It makes my brain work in new and wonderful ways to explain words that I know the meaning of and take for granted. I find myself reaching far in my brain to bring out words that she will understand. Sometimes defining one word leads me to defining five more words within the explanation. It’s a good learning process for both of us, and I am supremely grateful to have a little one around that gives me that opportunity.

She hears EVERYTHING too, so if you say a word around her she doesn’t know she will ask you to spell it and then for the definition. My daughter is keeping my brain young! Which is fabulous. The young keeps us younger, if we let them.




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