What Workout is The Best Workout?

I am back on the workout wagon! A break is exactly what I needed. It was a much needed area of repair and rejuvenate. The workout break was also prescribed by my physiotherapist, but sometimes you need to be told it’s okay to take a rest, or necessary. I have been doing my physio exercises and focusing on creating stronger muscles in certain areas so I have better form and don’t stress them out again. My form is better and I have been getting fewer headaches so it is definitely working.


Now when I do my weights proper form is EVERYTHING. Even if it adds an extra 20 minutes to my workout. Even if I hate every second. It’s not about how much weight or speed or anything else. I can do more weight but I am working on form, so will leave it at comfortable for the moment. On top of that, I am now allowed to work in a bit more cardio. Tonight I will do a ten minute session on my treadmill with one minute walking, one minute running and repeat.


My kids are able to join in on some of our workouts so we try to include them wherever possible. I don’t force them to join in. Instead, I ask them to quietly sit to the side or do their own thing while I bang out some crunches, do a sun salutation yoga sequence, meditate, etc. We did yoga as a family the other night and it worked out great! They are learning that working out can be a fun, social thing and that makes me so happy. We could do more I suppose. We know some people that are constantly going for long walks and bike rides with their kids, but I am starting small. Ten squats while doing dishes, for example, or a push up ‘competition’ with the kids. I fight my inherent laziness every day and push myself to be healthier and more active. My grandmother was in a wheelchair by 40 due to arthritis so I thank whatever force out there that I have use of my legs and I am able to do these things.

I have a new approach to fitness this year. Something different every day if I can. I may use weights every day but I will use them differently to work out more muscles. Plus, I get bored very easily, so variety is the key. I have been utilizing apps and YouTube videos to the fullest as well.

One more passion I have found is my adult beginner ballet class. I am not the most graceful and get lost during sequences quite often but I try my hardest and have a blast laughing at myself. The whole point is to work up a sweat and have some fun. Mission accomplished. I have so much fun I look up YouTube videos during the week to practice random moves.


I think that, whatever your poison, make sure it’s fun. Have a dance party in the living room with your kids, go for a walk, bike rides together, yoga, random chases of each other around the house….whatever floats your boat, do it.



Apps I LOVE-

For Meditation: Stop, Breathe & Think.

My kids love this app too. When they are stressed out they request it and go to their rooms to meditate. All of the meditations are based on your current mood and are 3 minutes and up.

For Workout Music: Songza

They have pretty much any type of music you can think of, and it saves you time of making a playlist. I use it for yoga, ballet practice and strength training.

For Inspiration: FitQuote

Sends you an inspirational workout quote once daily. Sometimes it’s just the thing you needed to get you inspired to get going.

For Yoga: FitStar Yoga

Tara Stiles is my fave celeb yogi and she guides you through some pretty awesome sequences. You rate how hard they were after so they can tailor the yoga to your needs.

For a Quick Workout Fix: The 7 Minute Workout

Great 7 minute sweat fests when you don’t have a lot of time.


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