Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, A Review


This book is amazing. Some have described it as a “nergasm” and it’s a perfect description.


It’s a post-apocalyptic world and we on Earth have used up our non-renewable resourcesReady Player One. Jobs are scarce and the poor get poorer as the rich get richer. Many live in “the stacks”, which is a terrifying mess of trailers in the trailer park stacked one on top of the other to conserve energy and space. Everyone spends all their time in the larger than life game-world of The Oasis, rather than in their depressing real world spaces.

When the creator of The Oasis passes away, he hides an Easter Egg in his world. Whoever finds this ultimate prize wins the whole of his fortune. When Wade Watts, a senior in high school, stumbles on the first puzzle, and solves it, sh*t starts to get real for him. Can he find the lottery ticket to millions before the corporations destroy him in real life?

At once a novel about nostalgia, global warming risks, friendship, true love, and technology, I think everyone will find something to love about this book. Any nerdy references are fully explained so even if you are not a Rush fan, a Monty Python nerd, or a Star Trek geek, you will still enjoy the thriller race-to-the-finish parts or the friendships in the book. The characters are so well written you will feel as if you know them and miss them when the book is over.


And if you ARE a Star Trek geek, like moi, I recommend getting the audio book and listening to Will Wheaton read you a bedtime story.




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