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I started doing exercise and running after a month long break. Between running days I lift weights on our weight bench in the basement. I definitely prefer the weight lifting days! I do cardio to round it out, of course. I always dread my cardio days but after it is all done I feel so much better, and it ends up being really fun. Most of the fun comes from the app I picked to get myself up to 5K- Zombies RUN!

When I say I use an app that lets me run from zombies, people say “how cute” or “ah”. I believe they think I just use an app that has growling and zombie noises in the background to urge you forward. It is so much more than that!

I can’t do it justice without their pitch on the App store. So I will quickly copy it here:

“You’re Runner 5, a vital member of one of the last outposts of humanity at Abel Township. During 25 workouts, you’ll be trained to help find supplies and protect the town from an ever-encroaching horde of the shambling dead, in a story written by award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman. You’ll learn about the characters, and you’ll have a vital mission of your own to train and complete. Once your training is complete, you’ll be in the perfect place to continue the story as the hero in “Zombies, Run!” ”

So that’s the gist of it. It is so much more. The voice actors are really good. You can tell if there is tension at Abel by subtle differences in their voices, and the banter between them is great. There is a plot and a couple of subplots, all of them incredibly engrossing. You find yourself smiling at their little jokes and frowning when you feel there might be danger.

In the first “episode” your helicopter is shot down and the original Runner 5 is bitten and has to be shot. You are to take her place, but you don’t know that yet. You are too busy running for your life from a pack of “zombs” in to Abel’s doors. Once safe, what happened and who they are is explained to you and you begin your training.

I have run from a few “shamblers”, run around a chained up “zomb” in the yard- for science!- and grabbed a medi pack by running in between two zombies and outpacing them back to Abel. My last run was a long talk with Sam, who was very close to Runner 5. Close to tears at times, he asked me for help.

This is the only real reason I run. For the story. It hooks you in and you HAVE to find out “what next”, but the only way to do that is to run. You become so invested in the characters. It’s a bit insane I guess, but I could never run otherwise! I get bored, and tired, and discouraged. But not with this story. I am surprised at how great it is.

When there is no story happening at the moment and “all” you have to do is follow the drills, they play your music. I have a mix I call my Kick@ss Mix, and here are a few of my favourite songs. I want to share them with you because most of the mixes I find are dance or pop hits that I don’t recognize as I mostly listen to folk, indie rock, rock, or hip-hop. I don’t know anything about how many beats a song should have to get the most out of your run, but these pump me up and may work for you.


Kick@ss Running Mix Suggestions:

(with fun movement suggestions if you are sick of “proper running form”)

Warm Up:

Sunshowers- M.I.A (Waving your hands in the air slowly like waving flowers is encouraged)

Love the Way you Lie- Eminem ft Rihanna (Punch the air when Rihanna sings as if you are angry for the position she is being put in…in the song)

Holdin’ On- Kyprios feat Lamar Ashe (singing along is a good idea to pump you up for the next stage)

Amping Up:

My Generation- Nas and Damian Marley (pump the air and move your hands around like fish swimming)

Detective- No Doubt

Leisureforce- Aesop Rock (sing along to the great lyrics, move those hands, raise the roof)

Not Afraid- Eminem (such a powerful song! If the lyrics don’t pump you up on their own, punch the air and move around)

Pump it Up:

Now That You Got It- Gwen Stefani (wave those hands like you just don’t care. Point to imaginary person)

Nah Mean- Nas and Damian Marley (If you don’t raise the roof and mouth the lyrics, at least, there is something wrong with you)

U.R.A.Q.T.- M.I.A

Start the Fire- No Doubt (Puts a fire under my feet. Dance the washing windows move, you know you want to)

Racing Stripes – Aesop Rock (Such a fun song and the lyrics make you forget you’re running- especially the spoken asides, “Mirror?! No, you can’t have a mirror…” heehee.)

Won’t Back Down- Eminem ft Pink

1,000 O’ Clock- Aesop Rock (Amazing Lyrics.)

Ridaz- Eminem (Such a dumb song! It’s all about bar fights, but it also puts the fight back in my feet as I mouth the lyrics and punch the air… and sing along to the catchy chorus)

Bucky Done Gun- M.I.A. (Jazz hands permitted. 😉 )

As We Enter- Nas and Damian Marley (Bounce that imaginary basketball, yo)

Push+Shove- No Doubt (Pushes and shoves you to keep going on your run, for sure)

10 Dollar- M.I.A (Rub that imaginary money between your fingers as you run)

On Fire- Eminem (Fires you up! Jazz hands, raise the roof and sing while you run!)

Zero Dark Thirty- Aesop Rock (One of my fave running songs. Raise those fingers up in a 1 when he says it!)

Excuse Me Mr. – No Doubt ( Girl power song. Point ahead of you and raise the roof girls)

Cinderella Man- Eminem (And just when you thought you couldn’t run anymore this song comes on)

Hollaback Girl- Gwen Stefani- (One last big, fun, pop song to end it)

Cool Down:

I usually only cool down with one song.

Let Go- Kyprios (A good one to slow to a brisk walk, then slower still as you cool off. Sort of a ballad but keeps you going through your cool off before you get off to stretch)


So – this mix is more ska, dance, and hip-hop. I also have a rock/indie rock and punk mix that I will have to dust off and share with you one of these days when I finally get sick of this one!


I have been kicking butt on my workouts the last couple weeks. I haven’t missed one workout and feel great. I have been eating a lot of seasonal veg and a lot of spinach. My Husband is a great help in keeping me motivated and not letting me crap out of my workouts. I used to have a couple of friends in the same city that did that for me. Who motivates you?

I am looking forward to yoga tonight!! 🙂


A throwback comparison picture:


Small comparison. Only from Week 2 to Week 6, but you can still see some definition starting!

Small comparison. Only from Week 2 to Week 6, but you can still see some definition starting!


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