Preparing for Our First Camping Trip (In Over a Decade)

We have had no time for anything except preparing for our vacation. Thank goodness the medicine I took for the infectious colitis I suffered seems to have nearly worked, and I can almost function normally and eat properly again. That was rough. Now to focus on the next thing ahead!

We are going to visit friends and then we are camping for a weekend before coming home. I should specify! In this day and age there are a lot of people who go camping with portable houses basically (“glamping” or “glamour camping”) and then there are those with RVs or small campers. We are planning on ‘tenting’, I think it is called. Anyway, we are camping…on the ground, in a tent…..which I haven’t done since I was around 16 years old. We have borrowed some of the gear from my awesome Mother In Law and we are buying some of it. My kids have been camping more than I have! They were taken by Grandma (the MIL again. Isn’t she great?) on a plane to a BC camping spot near Tofino. They camped, in SPRING (early May), in a tent beside the beach for an ENTIRE WEEK. This was their very first experience ever and they loved it. It got cold even, and they STILL adored it. This is partly why the Husband and I are jumping in to trying it again and deciding to invest in all of this camping equipment. We will use it again I am sure. However, starting from scratch is no easy feat. It’s taken weeks of budgeting and slowly acquiring stuff to be able to do this weekend. Someday if we love it we will attach a roof rack on my Honda and go for a week of camping. But baby steps, people, baby steps. I don’t even remember if I like camping and I’ve never been the “responsible adult” on the trip ever. This may be a disaster. My brain has just been “Agh, remember, Argh, do we need, and remember and need and write down and make a AGH list and Agh” for a month. So I am feeling a little scattered.

On the road again.....a view in Heritage Park, Calgary, AB

On the road again…..a view in Heritage Park, Calgary, AB

I will definitely take a lot of photos and post our trip photos when I get back. Successful or not! Hahaha. Cross your fingers for me everyone.




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