Maca Powder Works?

So I read this post:


And it may have changed my life. My skin is usually really bad. As soon as I tried maca the way she did, it changed. It isn’t perfect but it is getting to be the skin I always wanted, thanks to maca and the coveted Clarisonic Mia 2 that I use every day. And not only that but it worked on my periods too. Instead of 1-3 days of debilitating pain I only had half of a day of tolerably horrible pain. It was still pretty bad but I didn’t have to take copious amounts of pain medication and curl up in a ball to handle it. I recommend Maca powder. In Canada, at least in my part of the city, I was able to find it at Superstore in the Natural Foods Section, by the vitamins. I recommend giving it a try at least.


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