Kid Free Time

DSC00188My two kids are away!

They went camping with Grandma (aka my Mother in Law) and her best friend Tracy. I am sure they are having so much fun!

My week alone started out with an ultrasound to check the lump in my breast. Except that in the last couple of days it disappeared. So the ultrasound was extra insurance only. The tech looked and she didn’t see anything, then brought the in-house Dr to take a look and she also found nothing! Phew. From my description they are both 95% sure I just had a fluid filled cyst that burst. Thank goodness!! When you even think you may have something it is nerve-wracking. It makes you think about your own mortality. I am living healthy and fully so I wasn’t full of regret but it did make me consider things nonetheless. But I dodged a bullet so I am grateful for that. As far as we know there is no history of breast cancer in my family. (My mother is adopted so we don’t really know her full biological medical history). We don’t know it can’t happen to me tho. There is always a first. But I am fine and will be diligent with my self exams. And ladies out there…DO THE SAME. Know what feels normal for you and even if you don’t feel a lump but you just feel off, still take it seriously and get checked out. Your doctor won’t laugh at you, I promise….at least not to your face. 😉

I feel strange without the kids here. I was just texting with my mom and said this: “It feels like when you go out for the night and decide not to carry a purse. Instead, you stuff everything in your pocket. The whole night you feel like something is missing. You are constantly reaching in to your purse just to find out it isn’t there and you’re reaching in to mid-air. You feel like you are missing something or should be looking for something the whole night. As if something were lost even though you know it is just in a different spot temporarily.”

Now I feel like I should be rushing around all day when it is okay that I just sit and read my book if I want to….What a unfamiliar feeling to just do what I want for an unlimited amount of time uninterrupted by little people demands.  There are so many things I want to cram in to today. Haha. Yoga, reading, gardening…. I better get going.



At the airport.

At the airport.

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  • mumsaidthefword May 6, 2013 at 20:18

    In another life (it was only 6 years ago but seems an eternity) I was a breast cancer / oncology nurse. Did you know under 2% of breast cancers are hereditary? This is a great reminder – know your boobs ladies 🙂


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