A Case of the Mondays…


Remember the movie “Office Space” and they made fun of people who say, “Looks like you have a case of the Mondays”? Well, I have a case of the Mondays and it’s Wednesday. It’s one of those mixed up days you wish you could start again.

Hunter was awake a bit last night. I settled him and thought he was teething. The kids were crabby this morning from lack of sleep and it was the regular gong show morning. Hunter couldn’t decide if he wanted to walk Isabella to school or not so Izzy and I started out on our own. Halfway there Hunter and Daddy caught up to us. We dropped off the daughter at school.

When we got home Hunter started to complain about his ear. TERRIBLE TIMING.  He is supposed to fly on Sunday to go camping. If the kids don’t go camping then Husband and I don’t go to Canmore for our wedding anniversary. And the kids wouldn’t get to go with Grandma which they have been looking forward to for weeks. Which would suck. And we would lose the deposit on our hotel room to boot. So Husband said he could take Hunter to the Dr. I offered but he said he could do it and then if Izzy’s school day was over I could go and pick her up while they were there. It took nearly two hours to get Hunter diagnosed and he got some meds. Then some time on the way home his health card got lost. Frantic search by the Husband, and then by me and the kids after Izzy’s class. I managed to get some groceries while we looked but no luck. 🙁 Of course I didn’t write the number down so it would be easier to replace…. Sigh. Just one of those annoying things. This has been an annoying week. I can’t find Hunter’s sleeping bag, so he’ll have to take Daddy’s. I can’t find my boxing gloves so I have to do a full-out search for them. We lost Hunter’s health care card….just piles up. Not the end of the world but still stressful. I keep thinking “What next!?” So, so, so annoying.

I have an ultrasound on May 6th to investigate what is probably a blocked lactation duct in my right breast. That is just a formality my Dr says and she doubts they will find anything but it’s still on my mind.

Simon just cost us a bit of money and a lot of scare too. He had urinary crystals in his urine and I was terrified I wasn’t being diligent enough with his after care. I was scared a crystal would block him and his bladder would explode. The vet said it was a big possibility and that we needed to watch him like a hawk. We had to monitor his litter-box, how much he drank and ate, if he vomited and how much…a lot of work but worth it. Why? Because he had his follow-up check up and he has a clean bill of health. I even updated his vaccines. So that’s good.

Just having one of those weeks. Halfway over! Hurray!! Cross your fingers for me that the rest of the week is uneventful. 🙂


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