Poetry, I Forgot About You

Poetry is hard. I am no longer the arrogant, emotional 13-year-old I used to be that thought everything she wrote was gold. Poetry is difficult and I am not a free-flowing river of tears and joy any more. I am usually too drained at the end of the day to face my emotions head on and write poetry. And something else I discovered? There is no poetry without a pen and paper. I cannot write it on my laptop with a keyboard. It just doesn’t work right. It sounds as mechanical and stilted as it should being written on a machine. I need that feel of a pen pressing against my hand. I need that feel of paper brushing against the side of my wrist….I need the look of my tired and messy handwriting. I can FEEL poetry better. It still astounds me that it should matter but at the same time it makes perfect sense.


What is the point of this post. Oh yah, I am trying to get back in to poetry writing and finding it harder than I thought it would be. I think maybe I should crack open my e.e. cummings or Lord Alfred Tennyson to inspire me.


What is your fave poet? If it’s e.e. cummings, what is your fave poem by him?


I named this Snuggly Lord Tennyson to inspire me. What inspires you?


Meet Lord Tennyson

Meet Lord Tennyson

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