I Turned 33

I’m 33!  I turned 33 years old yesterday so it’s still my “Birthday Weekend”. Today was a lazy day. My actual birthday-day was too. I ate a Tim  Horton’s breakfast the Husband snuck out early to go and grab……So spoiled!…… then dropped off my hunk of junk (aka my beloved Maude-mobile that I am mad at for costing us money right now) at our mechanic’s. Then lazed and watched Ruby Gloom with the kids. Ate Lunch, kids napped. Did one quick round of Tokyo Jungle and then showered. Spent a longgg time playing with makeup while listening to Dave Grohl’s SXSW keynote speech on my laptop. I recommend you watch Dave Grohl’s wonderfulness. Then I tried on a bunch of outfits for no reason and by that time the kids were up. We had supper, played, opened the awesome homemade gift my mom sent me, and put the kids to bed. Then people came over. Well, one person. haha.

My birthday growing up was kind of a bust. Too cold to go outside (Saskatchewan was notorious for having winter blizzards in late March….normally exactly on my  birthday), so we usually just arranged a sleepover.

When I was in University it was usually a bust because everyone was handing in final papers or prepping for final exams.

When I was in my 20’s, past graduation, it was usually a bust cuz everyone was working or too broke to go out.

In Calgary it has been hard to get people together because everyone has the flu around this time of year! Of the three couples I invited over for my birthday, only my friend Ashley made it. (Wearing a very cool cape/wrap that makes her look like she is right out of the Sound Of Music I might add! Isn’t that the best!!)….But Ashley and Josh were up for a long night of board games, so the night was saved. I was happy to play Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride while sipping an Amaretto martini. Yay and Yum!

After present opening and board games we said goodbye to the wonderful Ashley and had tea, then went to bed. So far 33 has been a good year. I was spoiled by messages and E-cards and gifts and love. 😀 And good food! For supper I requested lasagna because Husband makes the best lasagna I have ever tasted.  It’s actually the very first thing Husband ever cooked for me. Our third date he had me over for dinner and I was spoiled with his wonderful lasagna. I was so nervous about eating in front of him!! So silly. Now I wolf down food in front of him and don’t think twice. Oh the beginning of seeing someone. You worry about how they will perceive everything!! (Although all of that is not lost. I still like getting dressed up and looking good for the Handsome Husband, and I still feel twitterpated around him). For dessert we had a custom ice cream cake I got from my MIL and MIL’s BFF. ( I chose Amaretto, almond sliver and cherry. Super yummy!).

So, here are some photos of the day we had! Enjoy. 😀

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  • demolina March 24, 2013 at 08:39

    That looks like a good birthday 🙂


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