Food Intolerance and Its Relationship to Age

Since I am waiting for the paint on my nails to dry, and it is as exciting as it sounds, I thought I would ramble for a minute before I start supper.

I talked to my doctor about my food intolerance issues and she basically said, “Of course. You are getting older. Your body chemistry is changing and you can’t eat what you used to. Be careful of food combinations and quantity and you can eat everything. It’s just a matter of getting older and adjusting.” And you know what? She is right. I eat less processed foods now but other than that I have changed nothing. I eat everything, I am just careful about how much and what I eat with it. No more bloating or gas or weirdness.

I think people have food paranoia these days. A little bloated? I must be allergic to milk! A little tired? Omg, it’s the pesticides on my food! Yes, be informed but let’s not get carried away folks. Just like everyone seems to be suspicious of doctors lately. (Mine is fantastic. Just as quick to ‘prescribe’ a multi vitamin as an antibiotic…and she rarely prescribes those! ). If they are wearing a white lab coat they are the devil. But if it says naturopath on the door? Everything they say must be true! All are just people with degrees folks. There are good doctors and crappy ones. There are good naturopaths and bad ones.   Be smart and get one that fits you. 🙂

Nails dry! That was fun. Til next time….

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