How I Went from Frazzled to a Routine

I have such a routine now that I am back and it is the New Year (lucky number 13). Well, in between the unpacking and getting rid of Xmas recycling….I have started to pin down a routine. Which is exciting because normally I am the most unorganized and frazzled person!

Mornings. Husband wakes up with the kids. They start breakfast and make coffee and then come wake me up. I take about ten minutes to wake up fully. I need to adjust my eyes, pet my cat (Paul) Simon, move around, stretch, sit up, stretch, get my fuzzy housecoat on (Hello Kitty!) and get up. I come down and join them for breakfast and slowly wake up while chatting with the family and checking emails on my phone.


Mornings. My alarm goes off. I snooze it 3-5 times. I finally get a kiss from the Husband who says he is going to shower. I wait til I hear the water turn on and then join him. We shower and chat and then the Husband gets dressed and takes the kids downstairs for breakfast. I get out and do all my beauty ritual things (which include such intensive procedures as shoving contacts in eyes and putting on lip gloss. So fancy, I know). Then I go down and join all the family for breakfast and the rest.

Morning continues….If it’s a school day we walk Izzy to school and then Husband goes to work and I play with Hunter or let him watch Curious George while I get some stuff done. If it’s not a school day then it’s a total crap shoot. We craft or play or run errands or watch a movie if it’s a lazy day(which isn’t often. My kids aren’t tv nerds), or listen to music. Sometimes I clean the kitchen while the kids go crazy around me. Sometimes we go visit sometimes. Then snack time, then more play…..

(I guess soon on Thursdays this will change as we will have a story time class at the library in the morning).

Afternoons. Lunch. The kids eat for about an hour and I eat, then get up to switch laundry and then do dishes in the kitchen while they finish eating. I let them watch tv at lunchtime while they eat so they sit long enough to get full. Then ten minutes of play time. If it’s a Thursday, Isabella has an extra speech therapy and motor skills class. If it’s any other day, it’s nap time. Then it’s my time!

While the kids nap I finish cleaning the kitchen, switch some laundry, tidy up any migrating toys or clothes around the house. I put a kettle on (well, a pot of hot water since our kettle died), and make some tea in my special tea travel mug or the hand painted mug my friend Shannon got me. I take it to the living room and light candles. I put on our yoga dvd and indulge in 10 mins-30 mins of yoga. Stretched out and relaxed I go about the rest of my day. Usually by this time it is time to prep supper so I do that.

By this time the kids are awake so I get them from their rooms upstairs and put something on for them to watch while they fully wake up. They eat their snack and i finish putting on supper so that while it cooks the kids and I can hang out. If they are playing nicely together I leave to put away laundry or dishes or something else on my endless list of to-dos.

Evening. Evenings are always different but always include some combo of eating supper, bath, play, music, show, story, teeth brushing and lights out.

Ta-da! I dunno why I thought you’d all be interested in my silly routine but thought I would share. I am excited that this year I have made my own time of enjoyment in the afternoons a priority. Most days lately it is yoga, but sometimes it is looking up recipe blogs, or reading, or having tea while listening to one song on my headphones, or meditating. It is making me a better mom to take about a half hour for myself every afternoon, even if sometimes it feels selfish and some housework falls by the wayside. Plus yoga is helping the pain I have in my lower back, shoulders and calves lately. So win all around.



P.S.- ( I am aware my husband spoils me. And although raising kids and keeping house is the most challenging job I have ever had, it’s also my dream job….)


Question- Do any of you have a favorite yoga DVD I should try?

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