There’s Something About Autumn.

I went running the other night. I had to trade in my shorts and tank top for long pants and a long-sleeved running shirt….okay, so not a real running shirt but a long-sleeved pajama shirt of the Husband’s. Same difference. I set out at the same time I always do; after the kids go to bed and some things are tidied. It was dusk when I started and I noticed a nip in the air. It nipped at my nose and my ears. The wind over me as I ran had just the right amount of chill and felt clean. I took a deep breath. The leaves are green and lush and the grass is still growing strong but I took that deep breath and it smelled like fall. The fragrant, rich, spicy scent of fall. It no longer smelled sweet, hot and languid. The smell of the air reminded me of apple ciders and crackling wood fires. It smelled of new wool sweaters and hot chocolate. That deep breath smelled of cinnamon and roasted chestnuts. The smell of autumn to me is like a hug. The slight bite of the air under the wrap of the sun’s warmth is a kiss from nature. I love autumn so much that I almost named Izzy  “Autumn” but Josh said no to that name. (When we named her we agreed no flower names, city names, or seasons. Or objects, for that matter).

I love the beginning of fall, when it’s feasible to wear a light sweater, mini skirt and knee-high socks and still feel warm…but not too warm. I like when it’s still warm during the day but you could wear a scarf and light boots if you like and not overheat. I adore the fashions of fall. Layers prevail and people adorn themselves with scarves, skirts, sweaters, long sleeved shirts, cute hats.

I feel more inclined to clean and re-organize during autumn than the spring. It feels good to clean in the cooler air. In my very bones crawls the feeling that I must nest before the winter sets in. Squirrels store food frantically and bears get a hibernation spot ready. I also feel the urge to get ready to hibernate, but my cave is my house and so I de-clutter and reorganize until I feel comfortable. Until I feel that , if I were to be snowed in for the entire duration of winter, I would be okay just sitting and reading in any room of the house. I also feel Christmas getting ready to sneak up on me again, so I feel it necessary to be organized before the crazy times of wrapping, crafting, buying and storing the presents happens in a blur near December. (Samantha Bee said something similar in her Chatelaine article about the same thing, which I just remembered, only hers is funnier.)

But since it’s just September I spend lazy days sorting through things, waiting for the leaves to turn or dreaming up slow cooker stews for crisp fall nights. I think September is the only month I feel like I have downtime. We get back in to the school schedule and it’s nice to be back in to a schedule again. We do more crafts and I feel more relaxed.

Dear Autumn, I love you and thank you for visiting us again. Please tell Winter he can take his time so we can hang out longer this year.


  • Amy September 25, 2012 at 21:30

    slow cooker + autumn + leaves + apple cider = happy. I love how while reading this I could smell and feel Autumn. You forgot to mention corn mazes and pumpkins … but you can blog about that in a few weeks 🙂

    • caffeinefueledfool September 26, 2012 at 19:18

      oh of course! i intend to!! i’m sooooooooooooo excited for corn maze day!


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